Project name:

Design and planning of new international economy district of Eastern Guangzhou (Town of Xingtang)

Project category:

Urban design + Landscape design + Architecture design


Xingtang, Guangzhou, China.


22.86 sq kilometers


Committee of Eastern Guangzhou (Xingtang) International business district

Cooperate firm:

Urban Design Institute of Peking University,

Type of participate:

Long term studio in China (No less than 2 months stay in the cooperates firm in China)

Time line:

Long term studio in China: Nov 1st, 2009 to Sep 1st, 2010

Work will involve:

Research of different ways of development strategy of new international economy district of Eastern Guangzhou, scientifically analyze the social need from the site and how it can serve the surrounding area.

Smaller scale of development focus on the site (New international economy district), select main and side industry which should be further developed, and analyze the process of which kind of industry should be located and function first.

Site commercial analysis, Conceptual design, City plan, Site analysis, Environment and climate analysis, Site plan, Conceptual building design, building plan, building elevation, building section. Specific location plan, elevation, section, detail drawing.


Development site is east to the political boundary of Dongwan city and Dongjiang branch river, south to Dongjiang river, west to Yaotian river, north to Guangyuan Hwy. Site also include future new city center district (Xiang Jingling district) and Xian Cune national ecological develop area.  new international economy district of Eastern Guangzhou (Town of Xingtang) is a future development area which combining business, industrial, living, entertainment as a whole, it also should serve the Big Zhujiang Triangle commercial area, and should be merged into the great Guangzhou area, and facing global activity.


ONE of the FOUR kinds of offerings will be made to the individuals from our cooperated institutions (based on their review of your portfolio&CV):

  2. ACCOMODATION and FOOD included and AWARDS
  4. Volunteer