George Baird Honourary Professor AM (Hon.), B.Arch Political and social status of urban public space, and on debates revolving around subject of “critical architecture”. Curriculum Vitae [PDF]
   Taymoore Balbaa Honourary Professor M.Arch, B.E.S,
Architecture, City & living tradition, Curriculum Vitae [PDF]
   Anthony C. Coombes Honourary Professor MUD, B.Arch<> Compact, energy-efficient habitation Curriculum Vitae [PDF]
   Allan Coppinger Honourary Professor/td> B.Arch, LEED™ AP Sustainable Architecture  
   Ken Greenberg Honourary Professor B.Arch, BA Urban Design & Urban Planning Curriculum Vitae [PDF]
   Tang Gim Lee Honourary Professor M.Arch, B.Arch, Dipl. Arch Sustainable Development and Design, Environment Design and Practice Curriculum Vitae [PDF]
  Richard Levy Honourary Professor Ph.D Urban Design, GIS Expert  
   Jeff Nan Li   


PHD MA.Eng, B.Eng,
Sustainable Urban Design and Green City Curriculum Vitae [PDF]
   Jimmy Qiao Honourary Professor Ph.D, M.Phil,B.Sc. Urban and Regional Planning, Sustainable Development Studies
Urban Environment and Urban Services Sectors, Policy Evaluation
Curriculum Vitae [PDF]
   Frits Schultheiss

Honourary Professor

M.E.D Zero Energy Buildings Curriculum Vitae [PDF]
   Yiping Liu Honourary Professor BAAS Director for PHD students
Sustainable Development Expert
   Reginald C. Whiten Honourary Professor M.E.D Integrated Community
Development and Resource Stewardship
Curriculum Vitae [PDF]
EXECUTIVES & MEMBERS (Update in processing)        
   Steven Avis Internal Vice President, Marketing Director   M.Arch II, BAAS Parametric Design, Sustainability, Culture and Identity
   Mengdi Zhen Project Director M.Arch II, BA Politics, Culture and identity.  
   Zhiyuan Huang Internal Vice President,apponited 1 year,2020   BA Candidate Commerce,Finance
   Zheng Ting

Research Assistant,

Ph. D Candidate, M.S, B.S Remote Sensing, GIS mapping, Global Warming (details in CV) Curriculum Vitae [PDF]
   Kankan Yu arketing Assistant BAAS Architecture, Building Design
   Yue Ma

Research Assistant,

MLA III, BES Community Friendly Urban Parks & Public Spaces; Sustainable Urban Infill Development; Low Impact New Development (details in CV) Curriculum Vitae [PDF]
   Jason C. McMulleni UD Designer, Canada M.Arch    
  Yong Chen Director Design Tech. .WALD China BAAS Senior Designer,Building Design
   Wing Chen Senior 2D Designer, WALD China BAAS 2D Designer
  Maggie Chen Secretary ,WALD China BAAS  
  Tracy Luo G.M Assistant, Assistant Planner,WALD China BAAS Tourism planner
  Ankit Verma Intern BAAS Civil engineer
   Prateek Gupta Intern BAAS Civil engineer
   Catherine Intern BAAS Planner
   Fiona Intern BAAS Urban researcher
   Kuining Peng Research Assistant BAAS Architecture, Urban Planning
   Heaven Research Assistant City Studies & Environmental Science Urban Sociology and City Studies Curriculum Vitae [PDF]
   Lin Mei   B.A Business Economics   Curriculum Vitae [PDF]
   Li Xu MLA III Curriculum Vitae [PDF]
   Wei Pang MLA III Curriculum Vitae [PDF]
   Linda Huynh   MArch II, BA   Curriculum Vitae [PDF]
   Xiru Chen   MLA I, BA   Curriculum Vitae [PDF]
   Katya Tchouprikova   MArch II, BAS Globalism & Urbanism, Community, City morphology  
   Zachariah Glennon MArch II, H.BA
   Nicole Tomasi   MArch II, Cultural Implications on architecture and planning  
   Ted Benedicto MArch II, Building Technology
   Arne Suraga   MArch II, BA Urban social spaces  
   Thilani Rajarathna MArch II, BESc. Environmental/ Sustainable Design, social diaphone
   Tao Franklin   MArch II, BA (Env. Sci) Urban Design, Infrastructure  
   Hirsa Azizi MArch II, BA
   Seyed Nariman Mousavirad   MArch II, BFA Urban Design, Passive Solar Systems
   Xeniya Vins MArch II
   Jamie Atkinson   MArch II, HBA (Pol. Sci) Public housing and development
   Lizbeth Guzman MArch II, BA Sustainability and housing
   Hanna Tabatabie   MArch II, BA Urban Design, landscape and architecture
   Steve Socha MArch II, BAS Sustainable residential
   Brendan Whitsitt   MArch II, BA Health Economics, Urban economics, Urban Behaviour
   T-Jared Pumber MArch II, BES Urban Morphology, Adaptive Reuse
   Adevonke Akande MScPl Candidate sustainable design, sustainable Building Conversion Particularly Housing
   Paul Tsang BAAS & Visual Art Architectural Design, Product Design, Engineering
   Meng Chan Tang BAAS Parametric Modeling, Rule-based form creation
  Shalana Haslip BAAS Urban Design, Planning and Sustainability
  Mirian Ng M.Arch 2  
  Mahfil Ali MUD Transport Planning
  Monica Costro MUD  
  Sylvia Wei BSc (Computer Science)
   Anthony Zihao Han Film Study 3D Film
  John Vuu MLA ArcGIS Curriculum Vitae [PDF]
   Mat Ma MBA Operation / Marketing Segmentation
   Yacheng Sun Environmental Science  
   Hylophia Wanying Zhu BAAS III
   Lucas Van Meer Mass MScPl Candidate Urban Design
   Jessica Wilczak Ph.D







     email: wald@utoronto.ca