International Educational Program in 3 Programs and 4 Plans

International Workshop and Internship
The International Workshop and Internship programs are designed to promote the international and practical exchange in Planning, Architecture, landscape Architecture, etc, in China and Canada.

Eligibility and Qualification

    1. Advanced undergraduate students
    2. Graduate students in department of Geography, Planning, Architecture, landscape Architecture,
    3. PhD students with relative research proposal
    4. Self-motivated, quick learner
    5. hands-on experience in relative field and familiar with software will be a great advantage.
    6. Ability to work at office 5 day per week during the course

Program outline

    1. The program provided during the internship period aims to help interns acquire the following skills and knowledge: such as to understand the corporate operation and work environment, to acquire the knowledge and skills required for carrying out the practical projects, to share fresh ideas and smart creativity with the teammates.
    2. Interns will be delivered the different training contents such as classroom training, seminars/workshops, job rotation, attending meetings, reading reference materials, discussion groups and exchanges with other staff members, working under instructions, and visiting relevant organizations.
    3. Lectures and visits will be arranged by the cooperation universities or firms to help the interns to understand the current development of China and Canada,and further academic work will be encouraged   in the course .
    4. There will be a Specialists and Professors committee organized by UDIUT in charge of the selection of candidates and design instruction.

Procedure content
Internship programs require students to take on responsible roles of regular workers so they can observe and reflect on the work environment. You can join three programs with following four plans:
Three programs

    1. A programs: Short Internship in China(2 weeks flexible according to the specific projects)
    2. B programs: Long Internship in China(2 months flexible according to the specific projects)
    3. C programs: Joint Workshop in Toronto(1 months flexible according to the specific projects)

 Four plans
Students will live depends on the situation of projects referencing to the local designers.( at three-star hotels arranged housing at the campus and project location cities. ). Most rooms are air-conditioned and double occupancy. Internet access is available at the housing facility. Flights, Foods, Awards will be arranged according the projects which will be listed in the detail plans:

    1. Accommodations +Foods +Flights + Awards
    2. Accommodations +Foods +Awards
    3. Accommodations +Awards (Optional)
    4. Volunteers (all in your debts )+Get Work experience

Program Steps

    1. Join the UDIUT membership is the premise to join the programs
    2. One draft proposal in two weeks after received the information about the specific projects will be evaluated by the Specialists and Professors committee of UDIUT, the list of the team will announce officially in UDIUT website.
    3. Interns will join the International Workshop and Internship programs according four plans with the tutor Manager as mentor-mentee style.
    4. Interns are obligated to hand in summaries and panels about the course

Application available on-line at