Project name:

Mailiba Project

Project category:

Urban design + Landscape design + Architecture design


Longchuan County, Dehong District, Yunnan Province, China


20000 sq meters


Longchuan Government

Cooperate firm:


Type of participate:

Short Term Studio in Toronto

Time line:

First Stage: Jan 15 - Jan30, 2010

Second Stage: tba

Work will involve:

Conceptual design, Site analyse, Environment and climate analyse, Site report, Site plan, Conceptual building design, building plan.


The Shanquan town is located in Long Quanyi district, total area is 37.5 sq kilometers, population is 13652, Chang town historical street is located in the Shanquan town, which is 280 meters long. The project redesigning area is around 20000 sq meters. The project is provided by The Department of planning of Long quanyi district, the purpose of the project is to improve tourism quality, making the area transform into a holiday town which combine tourism, living, sports, and health living as a whole.

Team:  (Roster Closed by Jan15)

Team in Charge: Jeff Li, Li Xu, Steven Avis, Mengdi Zhen

Design Team: Kaining Peng, Arne Suraga, Kankan Yu, Yiping See, Heaven Zheng, Lucas Van Meer Mass, Valerie, Tian Peng