2010.06.15 Details Update: Mengzi Green City Conference hailed a great success (June6-8).

Organized by UDIUT and perfectural government of Mengzi, the Mengzi Green City Conference hailed great success, five members of UDIUT has attended and lectured at the conference. More than 600 audience have attended to the conference (P1, a total of 1300 in two days). The prefectural government and local experts have highly praised by the lecture material and the implication of post-conference discussion. The speakers have been honoured as Honourary Consultant for Mengzi's future development.

Conference Auditorium

P1. Conference Auditorium at Mengzi City Hall. More than 600 people have attended the conference for each day. Speaker in photo: Tang Gim Lee and his translator Ms. Li(provided by the government)

The prefectural government of Mengzi intended for a  follow-up academic forum, and possible research opportunities in the near future.

Due to the great success of the conference and the large group of audience, several unexpected opportunities arise:

The Headmaster of  Honghe Prefecture Academy has invited our speaker and discussed for further corporation,  including academic exchange, joint workshop etc. (P7)

The municipal government of Chuxiong City (Yunnan Province) is particularly interested and impressed in the sustainable content from the lecture and have invited UDIUT to co-organize for another Conference (P8). UDIUT is pleased to announce and would like to share these coming up opportunities with our members: including professors, students and  people who are interested and want to be involved in sustainable related content. Please send your basic information and C.V. to udiut@utoronto.ca.

UDIUT would like to thank for the generosity of Mengzi prefectural government to sponsor the expanse of entire event and enthusiastic hospitality; the constant support from our members; and the hard work from our invited speakers.



Photos, Guest Speakers and Lecture Details: 

Tang Gim Lee, Professor, formal director of Architecture Program at UofCalgary, over thirty years of teaching experience lead him to be the leader of professional team for this event.
1. Energy & Health, and Strategies for sustainable development
2. New sustainable mode for the next 50 years.

Li Huang, Post-doc, University of Toronto Cities Centre. Dedicate to strategic research for urban design. Involved in many practices in Guangzhou, Wuhan.
Lecture: Theory and Practices in Ecological Cities

Jeff Li, Master of Planning (University of Toronto), is about to start his Ph.D . Vice President of Peking University China Urban Design Centre. Have lead numerous project including Wenchuan New City Design (earth quake restoration), Kunming New Harbour Design, and Dalian Tiandi (25 km^2).
1.Green Concept and Standards in Execution.
2. Precedents Study: Kunming New Harbour, Dalian Tiandi.

Jessica Wilczak, Ph.D student from University of Toronto in Geography, dedicated in exploring processes of socio-spatial change at work in contemporary rural China and how these processes shape daily lives. She is currently spending her fourth year in China, speaking fluent mandarin.
Lecture: Garden City and Dream

Yue Ma, just completed her Master of Landscape Architecture degree at University of Toronto. Her research in dedicated to the sustainable development in China and other developing country.
Lecture: Low impact development : application and possibilities.



Speakers receiving honoury metal from Country Magistrate

P2. Speakers receiving the Honoury Metal from the County Magistrate (Mayor) Mr. Su (in middle). Left to right: Yue Ma, Tang Gim Lee, Mayor Su, Li Huang, Jeff Li.

P3. Jessica Wilczak is presenting her lecture.

P4. Interview to the speakers from local TV Station. (Video to be uploaded soon)

P5. Post-conference discussion with the County Magistrate Su (middle right) and local experts. Photo: translator is translating for Professor Lee while the Country Magistrate is speaking.

P6. Site visiting at Hekou. Left to right: Tang Lee, Jessica Wilczak, Jeff Li.

P7. Invitation from Headmaster of Honghe Prefecture Academy. Left to right: Ms. Li, Tang Lee, Headmaster Peng, Li Huang

P8. Meeting and dicussion with Chuxiong experts, after Post-Conference Inivation from Chuxiong City.




2010.06.08 UDIUT: Mengzi Green City Conference hailed a great success

The first Mengzi Green City Conference in Mengzi County, Kunming, China is organized by UDIUT and the Mengzi prefectural government on June 5-6th, 2010. Six members and professors from UDIUT has attended the  for lectures and discussion with  the government officials and local experts.

Mengzi is a expanding county currently undergoing the political process to be upgraded to a "city". The prefectural government wanted to hear different opinions and advices from experts for the future development.

"The lectures and the after discussion was very thoughtful and insightful." Said by the County magistrate.

Photos will be updated shortly.








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